on the road: krakow & auschwitz

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Our last stop was Krakow, Poland. It’s a charming and lovely city with friendly people, great food, and too many consonants.  Of course I was mesmerized by all things John Paul II (Yay JP2!).  With constant drizzle, the main square was pretty quiet (and unphotographable), but it almost felt like we had the city to ourselves, a […]

on the road: prague & kutna hora

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Pictures from Prague are uploading as I type! They can be found here!

on the road: Barkers & Sagans in Sibiu

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Yes, you read it correctly.  The Sagans — Cyril, Amy, and baby Cy are in Romania with us.  They were taking a European vacation and they added Romania to their itinerary.  There’s been great food, copious amounts of gelato, fun chats, long hot walks, and that addictive new baby smell all in the great city […]

photos: on the road

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I’m pretty meticulous when it comes to photos — deleting the ugly ones, putting together panoramas, scanning in tickets/brochures/postcards, etc.  So a week after returning from vacation, I’ve only got half the photos done.  Rather than waiting for all of them to be done, here are links to our flickr sets.  I promise some future […]

on the road: vacation stats

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So, we are back in Romania and recuperating from vacation with Mary Ann.  On Sunday we’ll make the long trek back across Romania to our little town and get back into the swing of things. While I’m not ready for vacation to be over with, I must admit it’s nice to be in a country […]

on the road: prague update

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Later tonight we say goodbye to Prague.  Things we’ll update y’all more on later via photos: Seeing the absolute wonder of St. Vitus Cathedral’s stained glass and the extreme Baroque of St. Nicholas in Mala Strana Hopping on trams we think take us to certain places, but don’t. Experiencing the coolness of the bone ossuary […]

on the road: budapest overview

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Good news: our hotel has a computer with internet.  Bad news: we cannot upload pictures. Regardless, we wanted to post a quick update about our few days in Budapest — both to give y’all a taste and so that we don’t forget some of the good stuff. Riding to Budapest with a big Hungarian guy […]

on the road: spre vacanta

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Yesterday from 5:30AM to 9:30PM we were on trains. Hot trains. Sticky trains. Never-ending trains. Yes, to get across Romania from our small town in the northeast to a larger  city  in the northwest, it took 16 hours.  But we kept our spirits high – our cabin-mates weren’t afraid of curent (draft), so there were […]

on my mind: excitement, anticipation

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So far we’ve kept most of our travel Peace Corps pertinent — seeing Romania, collaborating with other volunteers, integrating into this country, etc.  But a week from today, we’ll be using some hard-earned leave and hitting the road to new places — Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Krakow.  These are some of the crown jewels of Europe […]

on the road: Easter and Maramures

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Our travel goal during the school year is to try to see as much of Romania as we can.  It’d be a shame to live here and not SEE the country.  For Easter and the school break, we had the absolute joy of traveling to Satu Mare, Baia Mare and the area called Maramures. Satu […]