Since I’m putting a lot of time and effort into developing lesson plans, I figured I’d share the fruits of my labor.  I’ve tried to put links and include the supplementary material with each lesson plan.  Let me know if you use any and how they work for you!

Poster for Classes

Needs Assessment: I put this together as a guide for the interview I had with each adult student to find out what their interests and goals are in learning English.

Beginner Lesson Plans

Lesson 1 – Small Talk & Occupations

Lesson 2 – Easter Traditions

Lesson 3 – Around Town

Lesson 4 – Earth Day – What CAN I do?

Lesson 5 – Where’s My Marker?

Lesson 6 — Welcome Home

Intermediate/Advanced Lesson Plans

Lesson 1 – Getting to know you. . .  and what you do (Occupations)

Lesson 2 – Easter Traditions & PEEPS (Holiday)

Lesson 3 – Town & Country

Lesson 4 – Pacific Ocean Gyre (Earth Day; 1st Conditional)

Lesson 5 – Dream Home (2nd Conditional)

Lesson 6 – Daily Grind (daily routines)

Lesson 7 – Keeping up with the Kardashians (family relationships & celebrity)

Lesson 8 – Mad Libs (sentence building & parts of speech)

Lesson 9 – Blowin’ in the Wind (weather vocab via song)

Lesson 10 – Dating in all tenses (dating vocab; verb tense review)

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