Over four years ago, I did something completely unlike myself — I got a short sassy haircut, decided I was date-able, and signed up for a match.com account. I was inspired by my hairdresser (a beautifully curvy gal).  She was raving about this guy she had met on match.com.  So I plunged in.  There were “winks” and emails and IMs from a handful of guys.  I had “winked” at this one guy because he mentioned Tuvan throat singing and I was intrigued how he knew about it (yes, I’m a music geek).  He emailed saying he was seeing someone but if things changed, he’d email back.  After more emails and IMs with a Lutheran minister, a guy who knew way too much about satellites (and Star Trek), and a Triangle business-type, I set up my first few dates. Intriguing guy also emailed back to say, things were different.  I had set up four dates in one week, intriguing guy being the first on the list.

Four years ago today, I had my first match.com date and it was with intriguing guy — David.  We met at Caribou Coffee at Brier Creek at 8PM.  It was a Sunday night and they closed at 10PM. We had talked on the phone about how the early closing time gave us an easy out if we didn’t hit it off. What I remember most clearly from our date was how much I liked his smile and laugh, how I was bummed the coffee shop wasn’t open longer, and how curious I was about whether he had hair under his ballcap.

Here’s what I blogged the day after our first date (11.21.2005):

Met David last night. It was completely nerve wracking, but he’s great and cute and funny and a complete geek and I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling. Added to that it’s 8:15AM and I’m ready for work and have been for awhile. When do I ever pop out of bed on a workday? (When my clock gets set wrong and I’m semi-giddy, apparently.) He said he wants to see me again soon.

To complete the story, six months later while getting my haircut and raving about the guy I was dating from match.com, there was a surprising realization that the guy my hairdresser originally raved about….  that inspired me to sign up on match.com….  was actually the guy that I was dating….  David.

Now here we are, four years later, an “old” married couple making a life together in the middle of nowhere Romania. It never ceases to amaze me how when I take risks and put myself out there, life and the “big man upstairs” take me places I’d never have imagined possible.