in the community: Sunday walks

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Sundays we do a bit of walking and this week, we decided to photograph bits of our journeys around town.

On the way to church. . .

our stairwell

cow dung on sidewalk as we walk towards Mass

road our church is on.

ducks near church.

house that serves as our church.

On our evening walk. . .

Right now our town’s little Catholic chapel is under renovation, so we’ve been having Mass at this house, in the living room. It’s very intimate and the windows are great. David and I have been watching the chapel (on the other end of town) become a church.  Last night on our walk, we headed out that direction to check on progress.

rusted fence hardware.

apples are everywhere right now!

one of the town’s gaggle of geese.  it is gaggle, isn’t it?

Catholic chapel that’s becoming a church!

as we head home, cows coming home.

That’s a peek at our Sunday walks around town.

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  1. dottie andreassen
    September 14, 2010

    hooray for photos and blogging!


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