keeping traditions: Valentine’s Day

So the title is a little misleading.  I’m not typically one to put much emphasis on Valentine’s Day — it’s overly commercial, too couply and more about gifts than love.  But this year in Romania, David and I have been trying to celebrate holidays with a bit more pizazz.  As I’ve mentioned, being far from home, sometimes a scheduled pick-me-up is exactly what we need.

After a week of making Valentines with a variety of Romanian kids and beneficiaries, it was time to plan for my actual Valentine — David.  And since we’re operating on a shoe-string budget, we got creative.  I knew David had something up his sleeve because he had mysterious “errands” to run.  David knew I was up to something because when my computer went on the fritz last week, I called him crying and I don’t cry about computers (cause it’s just stuff).

Yesterday, after school and work, David came home with 5 roses (for our five years together) and a set of haikus he wrote for me.  SO cute!!  And SO wonderful!!  And then I revealed my “LOVE installation” — a bunch of small posters (from online and a few I made) that I printed and then arranged on our empty wall (Pictures to come!)

We had a late lunch and a short break, and then headed out to our evening English class.  Unfortunately our world doesn’t stop for Valentine’s Day. But it was great to take a moment, be cheesy and sweet and celebrate an uber-American holiday.

(image from Sprik Space where there are lots of great printables!)

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