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It’s been quiet around here, huh? There are bunches of updates to share, but I always seem to worry about things being chronological on the blog. I haven’t finished pictures from Italy in April, so I shouldn’t share pictures of Paris in June! But I know that’s kinda silly and I’ve been getting threatening messages from my mother, so I’m just going to start updating and catching up when I can.

I’ve been looking for some new recipes to try and pinterest has become a new obsession/recipe finder. I’ve got three new recipes to try this week:

Lasagna Flatbread
(image from Steph @

Baked Asian Honey Ginger Chicke
served with veggies and rice
(image from

Hummus & Grilled Veggie Pizza
(image from Beth @

I’ve been using the Pioneer Woman Pizza Dough recipe for awhile now and really like it. It’s especially nice because it can sit in the fridge for several days to “age” and can be thrown in the freezer too.

While at a Peace Corps Conference, Breanna blessed me with real Ginger Ale that she found at her site. I finished it this week and that means I will be going into withdrawal.  We did find a ritzy Australian ginger beer that’s sold here in town.  It’s super tasty, but expensive.  After my flop attempt at Ginger Ale several years ago, I did some googling and concluded that perhaps ginger syrup will save me! I made a batch of this ginger syrup this morning and will pick up some sparkling water and lemon at the grocery store this afternoon.

There’s other busy-ness to share on the work-front but that is for another post!


  1. anonymous
    September 11, 2011

    hooray — FINALLY!
    Love, anonymous

  2. Gretel's Dad
    September 11, 2011

    Loved your “recent pictures” today. My best wishes!
    Got Gretel to Calif.



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