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It’s our third Halloween in Romania.  I never much liked Halloween at home but here, I like it a bunch.  It’s something different and American and silly fun.  We like it so much so that we helped throw a Halloween party that was covered by the local media. And we dressed up.

This morning, we woke up and while I got our Halloween dinner stew in the crockpot, David made brownies with white chocolate frosting.  This afternoon, we bounced around the library sharing them with everyone — librarians, security guards, cleaning ladies, even the director, wishing them a Happy Halloween.  It was one of those cultural exchanges that puts a smile on everybody’s face. We also busted some gender stereotypes because everyone was shocked when they heard David made them!  David? Bake? Well, yes he did!  And they were tasty.

photo from Halloween 2010 in Targu Neamt.

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